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Recent sightings give me and a few others reason to believe a Space Chicken crashed its ship made of Redstone torches and Fence pieces into a cave on an innocent enough single player server. I shall now start the age of the Space Chicken by saying this. "I declare that the Age of the Space Chicken has begun! No more shall we kill them for feathers, but instead zombies will fall victim to our swords! I hope more visit this world and know that we mean no harm to them! Heil Space Chickens!" Please register to the wiki, then tell us your storys. go Here for all the pictures on this wiki!

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Real space chicken red

I saw space chicken this mourning

Chicken devise
e now have a devise that lets us the space chickens in normal form

But its very small. it is made out of chicken blood, redstone,leaves, glowstone dust,water, lava, obsidian,iron,diamond, and inside has gold, it also uses netherrack mixed with coal to run it. There was also many other minor things put into it.


This is space chicken Made by RedishTiger


It is rumored they have a colony on the moon. it's True; evidence has been provided.

Rumor 2: Has been proved.

Rumor 3: Has been proved.

Rumor 4: Has been proved.

These decisions are final.

Moon Colony

They seem to have a moon colony. Also by are research the moons inside is made of redstone and the Space Chickens seem to harvest redstone so they set a colony on the moon

Moon chicken

Space chicken recently spotted by RedishTiger

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